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All Things Change

It is apparent I have not posted on this blog for sometime now – it’s a simple explanation, I’m spending more time with a new blog I created called OperaAbecedarian. Please, take a journey on over there and read about my next great endeavor – getting my feet into the opera world and finding myself getting into production.

Metropolis Mama is soon to retire. My kids are growing up, I don’t identify so closely with being a mom now. It’s really more about building a wonderful life at 50 while my kids venture out and create amazing stories of their own (and report back to me on what they have found.)

It’s been fun. I’ll keep this blog up for a while as I found some of the stuff I wrote five years ago oddly prescient and relevant to what I’m working on now. So take your time, poke around here then pop over to OperaAbecedarian for some fresh perspective.


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