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Launching a Self Study in Economic Sociology

I’m officially beginning a self study in economic sociology. Having recently earned my Master’s degree in Media Studies from The New School I am pulled towards the economy and our communal reactions to its changes as the news unfolds every morning. I work for a bank – banking is a new career for me. It is a hell of a time to move over into this field and I am taking the opportunity to learn as much as I possibly can as reform sweeps over us all.

My area of interest has always been in sociology. I have spent a life time observing people, working out an understanding of why we do the things we do and how we get the things we need. My master’s thesis – completed over the summer – was on The Medium of Money and the Women Who Wield It which can be found on my LinkedIn page. My desire to combine my love of human behavior with economic theory is an expression of my own path toward an enlightened understanding of this economic world I live in. We use money every day in our society, money is as vital to our existence as water and food. It is worth looking into the behaviors that influence and direct the money we use, borrow, loose, lend, give, take and save. May it help shed some light upon the decisions we make over the next year for these decisions will have a far reaching impact upon my great grand children. I want a say in how it goes.

I will be posting periodic articles and critiquing various books that I’m reading. It will be slow going as I’m jamming this in amid a full time job, a full time family and a desire to boost my volunteerism in my community, but posts will be made. My goal is to observe the ways we are handling the economic melt down from a social point of view and bear witness to the new thoughts, ideas and actions that rise out of the ashes of our existing situation. While I am writing this particular blog post very much off the cuff I will be presenting a body of more finished work as I progress. For those who may be so inspired to follow my work, I welcome your comments and critique.

This particular posting is my way of “throwing the hat over the fence” on a project that I’m more than a little intimidated by. I have been thinking of starting this for a while now. I may be off the mark, I may be silly, I may even be down right wrong but I’m going to be in action.

Here’s to the future.