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What do they say about the apple falling not far from the tree?

October 29, 2007 1 comment

My beloved progeny is beginning to spread his wings and take flight.

Max Newirth, a very tall and handsome 12 year old, caught the video bug not too long ago from his parents and now he’s producing video shorts all on his very own…say it with me…AWWWwwwww. Now say…Are you out of your mind Mama?? Send that kid to dentistry school!

But seriously, a pricey summer session at the New York Film Academy has given him the know-how and confidence to pick up the camera and call a few of his buddies over for an afternoon of story-making. This video short – Tennis Ball – was shot and edited Sunday afternoon, October 28, 2007. The idea of this story came from actual events experienced two months ago while walking down the streets of New York. The production crew and on-screen talent (plus a cameo from good-ol-dad) are school mates who are all growing up in the city together. If this is what they can produce in one afternoon now, imagine what they will be capable of producing twenty years from now!