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Do It Yourself Ticket Acquisition

DIY is – for the most part – De rigueur in our household.

Common sense leads my family to make a number of choices that have dramatic impact upon our day-to-day living. For example we cook our own meals which means we plan, shop, prep, cook, consume and clean up after ourselves several times a day. We fix our broken light switches in the kitchen which means we sometimes go for weeks cooking in partial light until we get around to handling the broken switch. We scrape, prime & paint our own walls, we build our own loft beds, we take our own family portraits, we design & print our own holiday greeting cards; the list goes on. Sure it’s a pain and it takes up a lot of our time but there is something solid and wonderful about doing a task of our own bidding.

When the time came to make the step to secure tickets to the opera it was clear we were going to take the DIY approach. Calling in a subscription was much too simple, not to mention out of our budget. No, what we needed was a plan of attack. We had vision, obstacles & one goal in mind.

• Vision – holding tickets to the opera in my hand
• Obstacle – everyone else who wants tickets and who, like us, can’t afford a season subscription
• Goal – be among the first ten people in line at the Met when the box office opens August 15th at noon

Thus began a period of sweet anticipation and prep work as we gathered schedules, floor plans, box office notes, #Met Twitter feeds and Lincoln Center schematics to guide us. The calendar was marked, family members most affected by our opera obsession alerted & peace offerings made. Finally the weekend of the great acquisition arrived.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

I have a new obsession – Opera! Ha. go figure. Wagnerian opera to be specific. If I have to start somewhere I may as well as go for the hard core stuff. So for the next 8 months and probably into the next year and a half this web log is going to relay my journey into the four operas of Wagner’s epic story known as The Ring Cycle. Straighten your girdle and get out your binoculars cause we’re going to the opera ladies and gentlemen.

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