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Jewish Hipsters in Training / or / My Latest Project

My latest project is a non-fiction film. Many have asked so here is the treatment. Production is well underway and first round grant proposals are submitted & under review. Watch for updates about clips to be posted on YouTube this fall.MMN

Creating Community (WT)

A non-fiction, short-form film

With the memory of bar and bat mitzvah parties faded into history, eleven teenagers who have basically one thing in common, a Hebrew School in lower Manhattan,  come to the realization that there is, indeed,  Jewish life after middle school.

An extraordinary group of ordinary teens attending diverse secular schools in New York City choose to study together beyond their bar and bat mitvah’s to prepare for a trip to Israel. This group soon realizes more than a trip is being planned; community is being forged. As they spend a year together learning and taking on adult Jewish responsibilities they face challenges none could have predicted or ever asked for.  This bonds them into a community that transcends race, class or level of religious observance. It is one where they support and strengthen each other as they make the transition into high school and early adulthood. Their work culminates in an extraordinary journey through Israel, a first visit for many in the group. Their lives, the lives of their families and those of the community around them are forever altered by what they have created together.

Noah, Sigal, Tiye, Jordan, Max, Noya, Lexi, Alix, Haley (David & Daniella couldn't make the shoot)Photo by Scott Newirth

Noah, Sigal, Tiye, Jordan, Max, Noya, Lexi, Alix, Haley (David & Daniella couldn’t make the shoot)

This short-form documentary captures the essence of community these kids have forged on their own initiative and celebrates the rising generation of Jewish men and women who are the link for future generations to come.

Produced by MSM&A Productions