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Do It Yourself Ticket Acquisition

DIY is – for the most part – De rigueur in our household.

Common sense leads my family to make a number of choices that have dramatic impact upon our day-to-day living. For example we cook our own meals which means we plan, shop, prep, cook, consume and clean up after ourselves several times a day. We fix our broken light switches in the kitchen which means we sometimes go for weeks cooking in partial light until we get around to handling the broken switch. We scrape, prime & paint our own walls, we build our own loft beds, we take our own family portraits, we design & print our own holiday greeting cards; the list goes on. Sure it’s a pain and it takes up a lot of our time but there is something solid and wonderful about doing a task of our own bidding.

When the time came to make the step to secure tickets to the opera it was clear we were going to take the DIY approach. Calling in a subscription was much too simple, not to mention out of our budget. No, what we needed was a plan of attack. We had vision, obstacles & one goal in mind.

• Vision – holding tickets to the opera in my hand
• Obstacle – everyone else who wants tickets and who, like us, can’t afford a season subscription
• Goal – be among the first ten people in line at the Met when the box office opens August 15th at noon

Thus began a period of sweet anticipation and prep work as we gathered schedules, floor plans, box office notes, #Met Twitter feeds and Lincoln Center schematics to guide us. The calendar was marked, family members most affected by our opera obsession alerted & peace offerings made. Finally the weekend of the great acquisition arrived.

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How My Teenage Son Grounded Me. It’s Not What You Think.

Just as my mother inculcated in me a love of literary fantasy so have my husband and I ignited an intellectual spark in the soul of our teenage son, Max. Mythological beasts, rings of power and tales of brave journeymen have rung in his ears since he was small. In fact I read The Hobbit to him just as my mom did for me (without the fireplace, I might add) and from the very book in which Mother’s fingers lingered on the corner of every page as she cradled the spine in the palm of her left hand.

My eldest son came of age in the era of Harry Potter, basking in the warm glow of anticipation with each subsequent publication of JK Rowling’s definitive works. And then, of course, it was Peter Jackson’s directors cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy that sealed the deal for Max. I watch, now, as a complex, fascinating and self-assured young man steps out the door to take himself to places where I once was mandated to shepherd him. Our roles are changing and to my surprise his wisdom often overrules my own.

Such was the case when I shared over dinner about my new interest with opera and Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle. Max took to it immediately. His trip to Germany with my mother, the summer before, assured his interest in the language and the fact that JRR Tolkien drew inspiration from Wagner’s epic only sweetened the deal[1]. After we cleaned up from our home-cooked family meal we were on the computer pulling up suggestions for the authoritative recording of Das Rheingold, first of the four operas.

There were too many recommendations to pick from so my husband jokingly suggested we look up the recording that Francis Ford Coppola used in Apocalypse Now. “If it was good enough for Coppola it has be good enough for you guys.” Then he took a beat; “Of course, it may also be the cheapest version he could find so who knows if it really is any good or not.” My husband sure knows how to put things into perspective. So we found the Wiener Philharmoniker

(remember now, Germans pronounce their W’s like our V’s so it should sound like Vee-eh-ner. Ok, stop sniggering…if you can’t control yourself then just call it The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Oy!)

So we downloaded Das Rheingold[2] onto iTunes and suddenly I am walking around listening to opera on my iPod.

Whoa! Stop the press!

(I wish there was a social media equivalent for this power statement. “Delete this entry!” simply does not have the gravitas I’m going for here.)

What the hell is going on?! (cue Talking Heads if you are interested in listening to the sound track in my head as I write.) I am forty-six years old. I’ve been married for nearly twenty years. There are teenagers and tweeners in my home AND I’M WALKING AROUND LISTENING TO HARD CORE OPERA!

Talking HeadsYou may ask yourself, how do I work this?
You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it…[3]

One could call this a mid-life crisis. I amused and horrified myself each time I plugged in and allowed the sound of warbling operatic singers to wash over my once rebellious and opinionated ears. I joked about myself to my son and tried to make light of the veneer of shame I felt at the desire to buy tickets to the opera. I shook my head in disbelief that I had come to this point in my life and wondered aloud if it was all worth it.

Max stopped and looked me in the eye. “This is an adventure. You are discovering something new, something you didn’t know before. Stop worrying so much and have fun with it.” All pretense of being a wise and omnipotent parent ceased and I stood before a person whom I love and respect. “Ok, you’re right. Thank you.”

The morass that had been swirling about me for weeks calmed. I looked in the mirror later that night and saw a middle aged woman looking back at me. I smiled and saw her smile. I laughed and heard her laugh. Then a sigh of relief rose up deep within and I took a profoundly satisfying breath of air.

It was kind of thrilling to like opera.

[1] Another factor leading to Max’s immediate interest in the opera was that he had been treated to a back stage tour of the Met with his high school film & media class earlier that year. It was a real eye opener for him seeing the massive sets, the cavernous stage and the high tech HD broadcast set up. The sheer magnitude and opulence of the place blew his mind.

[2] It is important to note that the widely known and clichéd “Ride of the Valkure” which Coppola used in Apocalypse Now is from the second opera Die Walkure. Wiener Philharmoniker recorded Das Rheingold as well.

[3] Once in a Lifetime Songwriters: Brian Eno, Jerry Harrison, David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz © EG MUSIC INC;WB MUSIC CORP.;INDEX MUSIC

Ring Cycle Proposed Blog Entries (may be subject to change without prior notice. I’m just saying…)

I know myself pretty damn well and I often start things out on a strong wave of clear headedness. That clarity soon gets clouded and Doubt moves in. Shortly after that Second-Guessing takes the spare room to the right and brings Insecurity with him. Let me tell you – it gets pretty freakin’ crowded in my tiny little head. So to circumvent any sub-leasing of my brilliant mind I have formed a co-op board, of sorts, whose job is to make sure no “undesirables” try to take over the establishment. I think I’ll call them the Blog Board.

The Board has created an outline of proposed blog entries to keep me on track and productive during the transition from summer into fall. In the event Doubt comes knocking – which invariably she will – I’ll just tell her to click over to my blog and start reading. Clarity will win out.

* The Next Great Mountain for my Mind to Climb (already posted)
Introduction to my new obsession with a tiny bit of back story

– I Am Not Alone
How my teenaged son grounded me. It’s not what you think.

– The Great Acquisition
Securing Met opera tickets to Das Rheingold & Die Walkure

– Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Tickets in hand, iPod loaded with hard-core opera music, now begins my journey on a long, steep learning curve

– How can a Jew Like Listening to Wagner?
In pursuit of debunking the myths about the man and an argument for embracing the message Wagner is giving us.

– Leitmotifs – What the Heck is a Leitmotif?!
A novice boldly ventures into the deep waters of Wagnerian theory and risks her intellectual life to swim among the academic sharks of antiquity -or- a greenhorn walks into a Wagnerian bar and orders a leitmotif to go…

– Das Rheingold
My stab at a modern day interpretation of the first opera in The Ring Cycle (DR-TRC)


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And Now for Something Completely Different

I have a new obsession – Opera! Ha. go figure. Wagnerian opera to be specific. If I have to start somewhere I may as well as go for the hard core stuff. So for the next 8 months and probably into the next year and a half this web log is going to relay my journey into the four operas of Wagner’s epic story known as The Ring Cycle. Straighten your girdle and get out your binoculars cause we’re going to the opera ladies and gentlemen.

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