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Ring Cycle Proposed Blog Entries (may be subject to change without prior notice. I’m just saying…)

I know myself pretty damn well and I often start things out on a strong wave of clear headedness. That clarity soon gets clouded and Doubt moves in. Shortly after that Second-Guessing takes the spare room to the right and brings Insecurity with him. Let me tell you – it gets pretty freakin’ crowded in my tiny little head. So to circumvent any sub-leasing of my brilliant mind I have formed a co-op board, of sorts, whose job is to make sure no “undesirables” try to take over the establishment. I think I’ll call them the Blog Board.

The Board has created an outline of proposed blog entries to keep me on track and productive during the transition from summer into fall. In the event Doubt comes knocking – which invariably she will – I’ll just tell her to click over to my blog and start reading. Clarity will win out.

* The Next Great Mountain for my Mind to Climb (already posted)
Introduction to my new obsession with a tiny bit of back story

– I Am Not Alone
How my teenaged son grounded me. It’s not what you think.

– The Great Acquisition
Securing Met opera tickets to Das Rheingold & Die Walkure

– Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Tickets in hand, iPod loaded with hard-core opera music, now begins my journey on a long, steep learning curve

– How can a Jew Like Listening to Wagner?
In pursuit of debunking the myths about the man and an argument for embracing the message Wagner is giving us.

– Leitmotifs – What the Heck is a Leitmotif?!
A novice boldly ventures into the deep waters of Wagnerian theory and risks her intellectual life to swim among the academic sharks of antiquity -or- a greenhorn walks into a Wagnerian bar and orders a leitmotif to go…

– Das Rheingold
My stab at a modern day interpretation of the first opera in The Ring Cycle (DR-TRC)


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And Now for Something Completely Different

I have a new obsession – Opera! Ha. go figure. Wagnerian opera to be specific. If I have to start somewhere I may as well as go for the hard core stuff. So for the next 8 months and probably into the next year and a half this web log is going to relay my journey into the four operas of Wagner’s epic story known as The Ring Cycle. Straighten your girdle and get out your binoculars cause we’re going to the opera ladies and gentlemen.

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